Holiday Heritage Conversation

Prestwick school-children interview their Golden-oldies about their holidays' in the Good Auld Days!

Local school-children have been interviewing senior members of their families and neighbours about how they spent their holidays when they were young.

We provided questions for children to ask senior members of their own family, or well-known senior neighbours, about memories of childhood holidays or about day visits to the sea-side. For some this included Prestwick Shore but we hope they enjoyed sharing stories about other places too!

Press on the picture of the wee girl and her granny to see what we have learned!

We have been financially supported in this inter-generational health and well-being project by an award from the Prestwick Locality Health and Social Care Partnership.

Interviewing Grandma

Beach Hut Design Competition

To help us generate some artist's impressions of our proposal to rejuvenate Prestwick’s sea-side holiday heritage by returning beach-huts to Prestwick North Beach, we engaged the pupils of Prestwick's Primary Schools in a Beach Hut Design Competition. Following a fun assembly featuring all the equipment a family takes to the beach, many of the pupils drew their own designs as a homework choice task. We think they are great and feature them in a gallery on this website. Press on the door to enter the gallery and take a look!
We have been financially supported in this natural heritage and community building project by an award from the the South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership.