Welcome to the website of the Community Gift Exchange! We hope you enjoy your visit and join us again.

The Community Gift Exchange SCIO is a registered Scottish Charity helping to generate flourishing communities in Ayrshire.
We seek to enable local volunteers to use the gifts of their time and skills to release people struggling to get a job into sustainable employment by working together on practical and creative projects of benefit to the local community.

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Prestwick North Beach Regeneration

Prestwick North Beach Regeration

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Community Resources Network Scotland (CRNS)

We enjoyed a visit from Lesley of CRNS - the Community Resources Network Scotland and hearing more about their work encouraging local councils to work with community groups in our shared endeavor to ... See more

Continuing my escape plan from Zoom, I ventured to Ayrshire yesterday. First stop was one of our newest members Community Gift Exchange. What a brilliant experience! I met several of the amazing ... See more

Active Travel Hub Ayr

We are really delighted to be able to take on these great bikes from South Ayrshire Council as the Active Travel Hub focus on e-bike rides. These trad pedal bikes increase the number we can offer on ... See more

Fantastic Friday!
It is our pleasure to transfer 10 of our project bikes over to our friends at Community Gift Exchange for their bike hire scheme and for front line workers.
Get in touch with them ... See more

Hello Teresa! Welcome to the team as our Administration Works Manager! You bring years of experience developing social enterprises doing great work training and supporting people into work and you'll ... See more

HURRAY! The CGX Restoration Works have reopened! Alistair is looking understandably pleased with his handiwork refurbishing this pine TV cabinet. Sanded down and re-coated in tough polyurethane ... See more

Photos from Community Gift Exchange's post

Guess where Matt's off to next?
From UWS Volunteer of the Year for his work supervising trainees in our workshop, building (probably) the first bamboo bike in Scotland, and developing our workshop ... See more

CGX Retail Works is back in business!
Our wee team of staff and volunteers have spent the week cleaning, spacing out and marking up our Kyle Centre Charity Shop.
Happily, no one got trampled in the ... See more