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About Us

Through facilitating the exchange of your time, skills and resources with others, CGX trains, equips and provides support for those who are experiencing barriers to employment and social isolation, as well as protecting our local environment by restoring and reusing second-hand goods instead of sending them to landfill.


At CGX we understand that barriers to employment take many forms, which is why we are committed to offering work experience to absolutely anyone who wants to volunteer with us, no matter what your difficulties.

Through one of our person-centred community ‘Works’ programmes, you will gain both specific and transferable work skills as well as the confidence needed to overcome your barriers and find sustainable, fairly paid employment.

Have a look at our volunteering page to see which opportunities would suit your personal interests and gifts.


CGX is not only for those who are looking to get onto the job market.

We also want to tackle the effects of social isolation in our community, by being a welcoming community ourselves to absolutely anyone who walks through our doors.

Volunteers benefit from positive social interaction with other trainees and volunteers, from the warmth and encouragement from staff, and from our regular nutritious communal lunches in the staff canteen.


CGX is committed to lowering the amount of household waste locally by practising the restoration and reuse of bikes and household goods.

We accept donations of second-hand goods – anything but clothes -which we then sell in one of our charity shops, Reusables and Refurnish, promoting a local circular economy.

Most of the stock we have can be resold straight away as low-carbon alternatives to buying new, but some electrical appliances, bikes and furniture are in need of repair to be restored to a sellable standard.

Our Appliance, Cycle and Furniture Workshops are where we train our work-experience trainees to restore these items.

So while you will gain work experience, skills and friends by volunteering with us, you’ll also have the satisfaction of seeing your work sold to paying customers and saved from landfill.