About Us

Our Vision

Flourishing community in which everyone is able to participate in the fullness of life together

Our Mission

Believing that we can help build flourishing community through the generous exchange of gifts such as our time, skills, expertise or funds, the Community Gift Exchange enables volunteers to help release people into sustainable employment through working together on creative and practical projects of benefit to our local community.

Our Values

Love of God and neighbour, joyful and generous giving, full and free participation in community life, unity in diversity of beliefs, openness and integrity, social justice and social responsibility, good stewardship of Creation.

Our Logo

We see the Trinity Heart as a symbol for Christian mission as participating in the overflow of the Triune God's love for all Creation.

Our Direction

Inspired by the life, teaching and example of Jesus Christ, we seek to be Followers of the Way of Divine love, justice, peace and life.

Our Charitable Purposes

The prevention and relief of poverty, the advancement of education, religion, health, citizenship and community development, and the relief of those in need.

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