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Living Wage Employer

Living Wage Employer


What is a Living Wage employer? 

A living wage employer ensures that all employees aged 18 and over, including certain classes of contracted staff, are paid at least the living wage. 

The employer also agrees to increase the amount which it pays to employees by the same amount as any increase in the living wage within six months of the date of the official announcement. 

Which contracted staff are included? 

A key success of the living wage campaign has been ensuring that workers such as cleaners are afforded respect and dignity. The test for whether a contracted worker falls within the ambit of the living wage depends on the regularity of service and the location of their work. 

In simple terms, a living wage employer will ensure contracted workers are paid a living wage in the following circumstances: the worker is on the employer’s premises for two or more hours per week, for eight or more consecutive weeks in the year. 

Full details are contained in the living wage employer accreditation agreement. 

Are interns or apprentices included in the requirement? 


What is living wage accreditation? 

Living wage employer accreditation is managed by citizens UK and provides employers with a licence to the living wage employer mark. The accreditation process is simple and is open to employers already paying the living wage, or those committed to an agreed timetable of implementation. 

What support can you provide with implementation? 

We work closely with a range of organisations, including large private sector companies, public sector organisations and charities and community groups. We can provide access to sample clauses in procurement documents and case studies from existing living wage employers.

If you are interested in learning more about the Living Wage please contact The Living Wage Foundation or visit