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Community Engagement Fair

Community Engagement Fair held at Prestwick Airport

Dr. Philippa Whitford, MP for Central Ayrshire, sent out the following invitation:

“I like to invite a representative of your organisation to a Community Engagement Event, organised to provide an opportunity for local charities and community groups to meet local businesses and branches of nationwide chains. The aim is to bring together charities/community groups and businesses to work collaboratively on community projects.”
Charities are to propose a primary community project for the event which would benefit from corporate support. Businesses can identify projects which they feel fit with what they can offer, whether that be manpower, IT experience or funding.
The event will be held over two days, with one based in Irvine and the other at Prestwick Airport. On each day, local charities and community groups will set-up stalls ready to explain the nature of their cause and objectives to local businesses who have agreed to take part.

Community Gift Exchange attended and displayed the laser cut scale model created by Scott Wham Architects to Ayrshire business leaders and Philippa Whitford MP for Central Ayrshire – whose constituency includes Prestwick and the proposed North Beach Regeneration site. 

People were interested in the community build, employability skills and supported employment opportunities of the project and we had some encouraging initial conversations regarding potential donation of some specialist charitable work by company staff and site equipment.

report by Al Priestnall


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