Community Engagement Fair

Community Engagement Fair held at Prestwick Airport

Dr. Philippa Whitford, MP for Central Ayrshire, sent out the following invitation:

“I like to invite a representative of your organisation to a Community Engagement Event, organised to provide an opportunity for local charities and community groups to meet local businesses and branches of nationwide chains. The aim is to bring together charities/community groups and businesses to work collaboratively on community projects.”
Charities are to propose a primary community project for the event which would benefit from corporate support. Businesses can identify projects which they feel fit with what they can offer, whether that be manpower, IT experience or funding.
The event will be held over two days, with one based in Irvine and the other at Prestwick Airport. On each day, local charities and community groups will set-up stalls ready to explain the nature of their cause and objectives to local businesses who have agreed to take part.

Community Gift Exchange attended and displayed the laser cut scale model created by Scott Wham Architects to Ayrshire business leaders and Philippa Whitford MP for Central Ayrshire – whose constituency includes Prestwick and the proposed North Beach Regeneration site. 

People were interested in the community build, employability skills and supported employment opportunities of the project and we had some encouraging initial conversations regarding potential donation of some specialist charitable work by company staff and site equipment.

report by Al Priestnall


Community Gift Exchange SCIO

Scottish Charity 047814

Instrument Amnesty on June 30th 2018

Instrument Amnesty

We had a wee party at the CGX Workshop to celebrate the 2018 Instrument Amnesty! Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters for hosting the event, playing instruments and making or simply eating cake! Great to welcome our local MSP too – John now knows what we’re up to and can share the story with people who might be interested.

instrument amnesty

instrument amnesty

instrument amnestyinstrument amnesty

Old Instruments for New Players! Instrument Amnesty 2018

Old Instruments for New Players! Instrument Amnesty 2018

With the aim of getting old instruments into the hands of new players and providing the raw materials for some practical work experience activity, CGX signed up as a local distribution hub in the 2018 Scotland wide Instrument Amnesty initiated by Zero Waste Scotland.

In partnership with the Maclaurin Trust, Ayrshire Music Festival, Ayrshire Instrumental Music Services and award of a grant at the Ayr South and Coylton Health & Social Care Partnership participatory budgeting event, CGX volunteers transformed a unit in Ayr Kyle Centre into a pop-up music and instrument workshop.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the members of the Ayrshire community who raided their attics, spare rooms, sheds and garages for unused instruments and donated them to us - we have been humbled and encouraged by people's generosity! Developing volunteer logistics and customer services skills, we have been able to redistribute selected instruments to primary schools and community music groups. Local musicians have joined our volunteers testing the pianos, organs, fiddles, drums and guitars, passing on their skills and advice on making them playable.  Volunteer musicians have also helped us run a music workshop for a local group caring for young people with disabilities. 

From plectrums to pianos, members of the public have continued to donate old instruments and we are now preparing and selling them at affordable prices to new players, young and old! The receipt of electrical instruments such as guitar amps and 1970s vintage organs has given us the opportunity to train a volunteer in portable appliance testing - a skill that will enable us to test, use and sell other electrical goods in our ongoing social enterprise. The income from such donations is helping to sustain the work experience opportunities as we transition the project into a household furniture upcycling and resale charitable social enterprise.

We are celebrating the 2018 Instrument Amnesty with an hour of music and sharing a few volunteer stories at the Kyle Centre unit between 10:30 and 11:30 on Saturday 30th June. You are very welcome to pop-in and join us!

Vote ‘Prestwick Beach Wheels’ in the AVIVA Communities Fund Competition!

Prestwick Beach Wheels is a collaborative project coordinated by CGX and local volunteers to provide an adult and a child sized Beach Wheel-Chair to enable people with limited mobility to enjoy a ride on the sand or a round on the putting green at Prestwick Shore. Please gift us ten minutes of your time to visit the AVIVA Community Fund website, watch our Prestwick Beach-Wheels promotional video, register and vote! With enough votes we get into the finals and could be awarded £10,000 to make this great idea a reality for people with disabilities visiting Prestwick!

The voting window is Tuesday 24th Oct to Tuesday 21st November – Please vote today and spread the word among your family, friends and colleagues!


Celebrating Charity Status!

The Board of Trustees are delighted to have received notification from the Officer of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) that we have now been awarded charitable status and incorporated as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).

We can now proceed with some essential behind the scenes administration. We are also starting up some smaller projects that will help develop our employment services and proposals to help regenerate aspects of our local community.

We look forward to sharing some good news stories of gifts exchanged and lives changed!

Looking forward to launching as a Charity!

The CGX Board of Trustees have sent our constitution and application for incorporation as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) to the Office of the Scottish Regulator (OSCR). Our application Ref is RS/STA/16-1050 and we are looking forward to putting our purposes into practise!

Visit the OSCR website for more information on the role and responsibilities of a charity.

Holiday Heritage Conversation

Prestwick school-children interview their Golden-oldies about their holidays' in the Good Auld Days!

Local school-children have been interviewing senior members of their families and neighbours about how they spent their holidays when they were young.

We provided questions for children to ask senior members of their own family, or well-known senior neighbours, about memories of childhood holidays or about day visits to the sea-side. For some this included Prestwick Shore but we hope they enjoyed sharing stories about other places too!

Press on the picture of the wee girl and her granny to see what we have learned!

We have been financially supported in this inter-generational health and well-being project by an award from the Prestwick Locality Health and Social Care Partnership.

Interviewing Grandma

Beach Hut Design Competition

To help us generate some artist's impressions of our proposal to rejuvenate Prestwick’s sea-side holiday heritage by returning beach-huts to Prestwick North Beach, we engaged the pupils of Prestwick's Primary Schools in a Beach Hut Design Competition. Following a fun assembly featuring all the equipment a family takes to the beach, many of the pupils drew their own designs as a homework choice task. We think they are great and feature them in a gallery on this website. Press on the door to enter the gallery and take a look!
We have been financially supported in this natural heritage and community building project by an award from the the South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership.